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We are often asked by people in India and across the globe: what binds Sintex together and propels it forward?
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For long, Sintex is known for providing innovative and meaningful solutions to its customers. Our products are designed to meet the needs of the masses, keeping environment and costs in mind. Most of our path-breaking products are an integral part of many homes. Explore the extensive areas we offer solutions to.
The concept of prefabrication and monolithic constructions finds application in wide ranging areas. They give the advantage of convenience, quality, speed of construction, lower costs and faster completion of projects. They are non-fatal, earthquake proof, maintenance-free, re-locatable, comfortable, economical and can be erected within a few hours. In fact Monoliths, with their ‘errorless construction module’ are a total boon to mass housing projects. With add-on features like interiors, drinking water and sanitation facilities at affordable costs, you get the perfect solution for your housing needs.
Sandwich Panels
An innovative solution for walling and roofing giving added insulation properties along with Engineering Strength in building and construction. Made on state-of-the-art plant and of superior in quality. Great energy saver and hence indispensable in air-conditioned, cooled and heated buildings. Versatile and suitable for all types of built environment starting from residential blocks to offices, warehouses, commercial complexes, site offices, telecom shelters, etc.. Cost effective and bring down life cycle cost for any built environment. Virtually zero maintenance throughout its usage life.
Unique Features:
• Structurally strong with fantastic insulation.
• Light weight and easy to install.
• Reduce steel framework and load bearing foundation considerably.
• Superior and proprietary tongue and groove system, hence leak proof and easy to fix.
• Available in customized length as per requirement to reduce number of joints and installation cost.
• Facing made of top quality metallic colour coated sheets and guaranteed for long life.
• Varieties of finishes available to match aesthetic needs.
• Much thinner than traditional walls and increase floor space.
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Tackle your power problems and increase the performance of your electrical equipments with Sintex electrical products. These tamper-proof meter boxes, SMC chequered plates, FRP cables and acoustic enclosures are rust-proof, long lasting, maintenance-free, fire retardant and extremely easy to install. Ensure safety and increase the power efficiency with our state-of-the-art equipments.

With depleting resources of drinking water, finding alternate solutions to conserve it is vital. With Sintex’s water storage and purifying products, you can ensure regular supply of safe and hygienic drinking water. 

Sintex water tanks dot the skylines of most cities and towns. They are strong, durable, hygienic and maintenance-free but it is their innovative design and usage of virgin raw material that makes them the leader in the country. Even the underground water storage tanks are an effective solution to safe and hygienic storage. 

Rain water harvesting
Rainwater, if properly collected and used can prove to be a great boon, especially in areas where there is an acute shortage. Sintex’s rain water harvesting system enables you to not only to collect water but also to use it judiciously. With UV filters on the collection and supply end, you can be sure of pure distilled water.

Drinking water facility 
A small and simple device that can serve millions. Sintex’s Drinking water facility integrates components like storage tanks, taps, purifiers, hand pumps and pipelines for interconnections making it a complete drinking water device.

Water tanks
The wide range of Sintex water tankers allow more quantum of pure, safe and hygienic drinking water to be transported to urban, rural, hilly, tribal and all kinds of remote areas.

Higher capacity water storage solutions
To provide a complete water storage solutions Sintex have come up with products which suites the needs and requirements. Over and Above Sintex PE water tanks, there are two distinct products for overhead, surface and underground water storage solutions
• Easy to installation by plumbers and general technicians with the help of conventional tools.
• Easy to assemble in any size at site
• Weather, water, moisture & rot-proof
• Safe for drinking water storage as tanks are made from FDA approved grades of materials
• Easy to dismantle and shift in case of change in site
• Easy to increase or decrease the size
• Compliance to FDA grades
• Impermeable to roots of trees
• Rust proof and leak proof
• Hygienic and suitable for potable water
• Structurally strong Computerized design for excellent strength
• Non-porous and does not allow contamination of water kept in the tank
• Lightweight and easy to install / transport
• Durable and Cost effective
With waste management being the need of the hour, you can now manage waste and ensure a clean and hygienic living environment with our innovative line of products and services. We have developed necessary tools including suitable bins, tricycles, septic tanks, tilting devices, bio-gas plants, etc. to make waste management self sustainable. Let us contribute to a cleaner and greener world and make cleanliness a habit.

Sanitation solutions
We at Sintex believe that effective sanitation is extremely crucial. Therefore, we take a re-look at more basic issues like sanitation, sewage disposal and infrastructure by building temporary sanitation blocks, sewage pumps, etc. that promote cleanliness and hygiene. Our idea is to make quality public sanitation low-cost, yet effective.

Waste management solutions
Sintex has developed necessary tools including suitable bins, tricycles, septic tanks, tilting devices, bio-gas plants, etc, to make waste management self sustainable.

Packaged type Sewage Treatment Plant (Septic Tanks & Sewage treatment):
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) norms all over the country demands treatment of sewage at site wherever central sewage plants are not available. To meet this requirement, M/s Sintex Industries Ltd. ,have collaborated with world pioneers and leaders in the field of Sewage treatment plant (STP), M/s Aqua Nishihara Corporation, Japan. Sintex PSTP are based on anaerobic and aerobic treatments as per johkasou principles and are now also sanctioned from Central public health & Environmental Engineering Organization (CPHEEO), Government of India as one of the preferred technologies for decentralized sewage treatment in India. Being underground, they have negligible footprint as compared to large requirements of land in other types of decentralized or package sewage treatment plant available in the country. More important the whole system is housed in an FRP tank and the plant require removal of sludge only once in a year. Besides, they are energy efficient and quick to install and simple to operate.
Biogas technology is a natural process/system which converts organic waste like cow dung, animal dung, Toilet waste, Kitchen waste etc in to biogas which can replace conventional fuel for cooking. It also gives nutrient rich fertilizer. Our country with huge cattle population we can make every farmer self sufficient in terms of cooking fuel requirement. Gives clean Cooking fuel and saves 1.5 to 2 cylinders of LPG per Month. Best alternate to LPG, Wood and other fuels. It manages total solid waste at source, hygiene and clean environment. Capacities from 0.2 Cubic meter to 4.0 Cubic meter
Unique feature of Sintex Biogas Plant
• Moulded in One Piece
• Ready to use, install, dismantle & maintain
• Supplied in Knock Down Condition
• MNRE approved and validated by IIT, Delhi
• Gives constant pressure due to spider mechanism
• Payback period less than two years
• Easy to assemble at site
• Can be used over ground or under ground
• No hassle for cleaning
• Easy to relocate, if required
• Dairy Farmer as a beneficiary/ User
• Dairy facilitates and equip dairy farmer with the plant
• Agriculture departments and other govt. agencies
• Sintex as a Manufacturer and supplier
• Service Providers/ Channel partners to install and give after installation services
• NGO’S and other people involved in Organic Farming missions as a channel partners
Energy saved is energy produced. Save the earth by bringing home free and abundant solar energy. With Sintex’s simple, light weight and quick installation products, get ready to use the most economical and environment-friendly devices at a fraction of the price.

Water heaters
Heating water is common and expensive in residential and commercial sectors. With Sintex’s rust-free and durable water heaters, at nearly 1/3rd the cost of conventional solar heaters, you can save 1500 units of power per year.
The solar collector panels are made from a special polymer and the insulated water tank is made in a single piece from selected grades of polyethylene and polyureathane foam (PUF) as insulating material.

Solar cookers
Cooking involves consumption of non-renewable resources that are dangerous to the environment. Sintex’s family solar cooker can save nearly 4 LPG cylinders a year. So go get some nutritious cooking for free.

When it comes to housing and construction material – it’s time to think conventional. From the basic foundation of a building to roofing structures and beyond, plastic offer a vision of the future that meets aesthetic demands, technical progress and environmental concerns. Made from appropriate grades and formulations of plastics, our innovative Building and Construction products are…
• 100% rust and maintenance free
• safe and hygienic
• light weight yet strong
• elegant and durable
• reliable, versatile and long-lasting
• easy to install and work with
• capable of providing effective insulation from cold and heat
• capable of saving energy and reducing noise pollution

Sintex factory made doors:
Excellent quality and made to exact specifications, these factory-made doors are ideal to use in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and even front doors. Their sizes are adjustable on-site and are they are extremely durable.

Sintex factory made windows
A brilliant alternative to steel, aluminum or wooden windows, these factory-made windows have set sizes in regular, air conditioned and energy saving types. They require little maintenance and are available in custom sizes and combinations.

Sintex false ceiling
With excellent acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant qualities, these false ceilings are a permanent and low-cost solution that effectively prevent rooms from being infected with moisture.

Sintex plastic sections
The best alternative to plywood, particleboard and timber, these are versatile materials that allow you to give shape to your desires. Waterproof and durable, these plastic sections come in a wide range of alluring shades and require no paint or varnish.

Sintex louvered ventilators
Ideal for bathrooms and toilets, these ventilators are easy to install because of their snap fit parts. They are sleek and attractive with reversible/ interchangeable designs.

In today's competitive business, it is important to reduce costs. At Sintex, we understand the importance of Material Handling and have suitable solutions and a wide range of products that address some of the special requirements of industries and warehouses.

Industrial Pallets
Pallets are an integral part of modern Material Handling systems. They support warehousing and transportation facilities like heavy-duty storage systems, forklift trucks, stackers etc. Available in three types (Rotational, moulded and Supertuff), Sintex has an edge over others. Through efficient products and solutions, we have helped several companies bring down their logistic costs.

Made from high-grade sandwich panels with PUF used in its core, Sintex BTS shelters give excellent insulation for housing telecom and electronic equipments. These BTS shelter's insulated walls along with proper air conditioning and thermal management systems bring about huge savings.
For more than 30 years, Sintex containers and tanks have proven their worth. With the best raw material base and latest manufacturing techniques, you can expect seamless construction and maintenance-free products at reasonable costs. These long-life products are easy to fit, can be custom made and have excellent after-sales- service.
Find out how we can help you optimize productivity, streamline operations and reduce costs with our solutions.
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