With a view to strengthen our position

We at Sintex aim to offer ourselves as a global solutions provider to our clients both in India and abroad. To achieve this we have adopted an aggressive strategy of inorganic growth. Under this strategy we have acquired companies that are specialists in their respective areas.

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    BVM overseas Ltd ( Wholly owned subsidiaries of Sintex Industries Ltd )
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    BAPL – Rototech Private Limited
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    Sintex NP Group
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    Sintex Wausaukee Composites Inc.


The Sintex Automotive footprint in the Indian auto sector was achieved by BrightAutoplast Pvt Ltd.(BAPL) a 100% subsidiary, taking over the automotive business of Bright Brothers Ltd in 2007.

BAPL has seven manufacturing plants located across the automotive corridor of India with robust growth plans.

The company has a strong portfolio of OEM, as well as Tier-1 customers: Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motors, TATA Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mahindra Navistar, General Motors, Force Motors, Honda Scooters, TVS Motors, Mobis, Visteon, Hanil, Shriram Pistons, Groupo Antolin, Mann + Hummel, Faurecia, Volvo Eicher, Borg-Warner, Donaldson and others.

The Company employs a range of plastic technologies like, Injection Molding, Gas Assist Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Vacuum Forming, PU Foaming, Vibration Welding, Ultra sonic Welding, 3 coat PU painting, Post Molding Assemblies and it has added new products like

  • Cylinder head covers, Air intake ducts
  • Instrument Panel, Door trim and Console han-gon parts
  • Roto moulded mud guards, Blow moulded HVAC parts, Injection moulded & welding De-aeration tank
  • Engine guides
  • Hydraulic reservoir tank

BAPL is strong on Development Engineering and offers capabilities of Bench Marking, Concept Development, System Integration & Packaging, Detailed Design & Development, Design Validation, Design Optimization, Prototyping & Tool development etc.

Sintex NP Group

SINTEX NP is one of the leading companies in the European thermoplastics market by injection and machining and thermo sets market by injection and compression. They have a strong base of 15 manufacturing plants: 9 in France, 1 each in Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Poland and 1 each in Tunisia and Morocco. They have a strong presence in the high-quality insert moulding and bi-polymer injection technology and decoration areas. Their relationship with large international companies such as Schneider Electric,Legrand, ABB, Alstom, Valeo, Airbus, Safran, Stelia and Faurecia is remarkable. We have acquired 100% of equity shares of SINTEX NP, France and through the acquisition, we get:

  • Access to Nief’s manufacturing technology
  • Access to Nief’s strong customer base
  • A route to enter the European plastic components market with competitive pricing and technical qualifications
  • Potential synergies with Bright Autoplast – to create a strong presence in automotive composite and electrical market

Sintex Wausaukee Composites Inc.

The acquisition of Wausaukee Composites Inc. provides us a direct entry into the US composites market. We intend to enter into new markets of recreation, tool building, and military, and expand our organic growth of existing lines of business – medical imaging, therapeutics, construction truck and tractor, and mass transit. With the acquisition, we get:

  • Front end marketing in US for Sintex products, manufactured across diversified processes
  • Access to OEM Fortune 500 customer base
  • Access to superior technology
  • Sinetx LCC advantage to leverage volume business for Wausaukee

Sintex – Wausaukee Composites manufactures highly-engineered fiberglass reinforced plastic components for its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers spread globally. Having been an innovation led entity and leveraging its past acquisitions, Wausaukee has successfully held its leadership position in its niche with its.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure to manufacture low and medium volume fibre reinforced plastic composites
  • Competitive strength in moulding processes
  • Additional US-based manufacturing capacity
  • Impeccable design, engineering, and testing support

BAPL – Rototech Private Limited

BAPL has recently formed a Joint Venture (JV) with Rototech, which is an established player in Fuel Tanks space and has its facilities based out of Europe (Italy, France), China and Russia. The association will help BAPL with its growth plans and become a full solution provider to its huge client base in India.

The journey of Rototech can be traced way back in 1916 as one of Italy’s first automotive supplier for metal tanks and dashboard. They’ve extensive experience in the development of complete fuel tank systems and DEFF tanks systems, and also have state-of-the-art Product Testing Lab.

BAPL – Rototech, today, is a preferred partner in the industry for designing, developing and producing full functions and system solutions. The horizontal deployment of global customers’ process is underway. The pilot JV plant is at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

BVM overseas Ltd ( Wholly owned subsidiaries of Sintex Industries Ltd )

Located on the one of the richest belt of the country. We are revolutionizing the textile industry with quality “no touch yarn” through state of art technology.

We manufactures a range of high-quality yarns through the state of the art machinery and the process incorporated.

Our continuous research and development process, where we can do continuous product development and work on customer specific, made to order varieties.

We believe investing in technologies, the company has partnered with global leaders for production and for quality control machinery and technology.