Plumber Meet

Plumbers are the cornerstone of our societies. At Sintex, we realize their immense contributions in making water available in every single human settlement (private, commercial or organizational) that use our range of water storage products. Plumbers are usually our first line of marketers who recommend us among their clientele. It is therefore very important for us to educate them about our innovations and products, and also incentivise them for promoting brand Sintex. These professionals are trusted by people and we believe they are very crucial in our fight against imitations in the market. Plumbers are also a direct source of reliable feedback on our products. The purpose of the meet was to extend a hand of mutually beneficial relationship with the entire plumber community.

Launch Of “Sintex Gurukul” Learning & Development Centre At Ahmedabad

We are pleased to inform you that we have recently inaugurated “Sintex
Gurukul” Learning & Development Centre at Ahmedabad

“Sintex Gurukul” is a Learning and Development (L&D) Centre set up to create a learning culture that will help our employees in better achieving their goals and developing their personal skills. It is aimed at boosting the capabilities of the teams. Gurukul workshops will ensure that the workforce is knowledgeable and well-skilled; this helps in improving our productivity. The initiative will help our employees in understanding and developing qualities like adapting in any kind of work environment and nurture the potentiality to upgrade their knowledge, self-confidence and self-motivation. The response for the training was overwhelming and our employees appreciated the significance of more training sessions.

Workshop on “Stress Management”

Sintex recognizes the importance of a stress-free work environment. We tackle new challenges every day and keeping stress at bay is crucial. To that end, workshops and special sessions are conducted under the guidance of leading experts in the field. The stress source is not necessarily bad. Our pursuit of fame, achievements etc. can create stress which is called ‘good’ stress. Sometimes the concept of stress and competition is considered mistakenly at workplaces. Under the expertise of leading trainer Mr. Firdose Kapadia and presided by Dr. Naveen Malhotra, our employees got a rare insight in how to manage stress at work. The event was a success and we had a very positive response from every participant.