Our Approach

We believe that only talkings don’t lead to the solutions – words have to be backed up with concrete actions. And that’s why we apply the philosophy of sustainability to all our process, projects, and decisions we take. Right from the way we source our materials to the way they’re treated and built into complete products and the way they solve the challenges of our clients, one can see the common thread in it all – the thread of sustainability.

Sustainability Objective

Our objectives are pretty clear: we want to emerge as a recognized global leader in sustainability. And, we also want to transform this expertise into a key competitive advantage to deliver value to our stakeholders as well as communities we work in.

Ethics & Compliance

Our values, our ethics make us who we are today – a leader in various business verticals including plastics, custom moulding, and textiles. We believe in complete transparency and fair trade practices, and fully comply with all the standards prevalent in the industry, and the law of the land.


Our people are our pride. They are at the center of all our policies and procedures. They are encouraged to explore their potential and share ideas on how we, as an organisation, can improve. People at Sintex come from all walks of life, and make it an exciting place to learn, grow, and thrive.

Health & Safety

Our people are our priority – so is their health & safety. We adhere to the best health & safety policies and procedures to ensure the complete well-being of our people.


We see ourselves as an inseparable part of the environment. Through our streamlined processes and practices, we never cease to do our bit for the environmental wellness, so that our future generations can have the same luxury of green forests and fresh air and abundance of natural resources that we today have.

Economic Impact

We practice ‘Green’ in everything we do. And by doing this, we constantly endeavour to limit our ecological footprint to the least.


We believe that we owe a part of our success to the communities we work in. In our efforts to prosper these communities, we hire the local talent and run regular ‘health camps’ and education drives. We also sponsor local sports and help improve the local infrastructure with our line of products & solutions.


We’re a sports-obsessed country. Be it Cricket, Football, or traditional sports like Kushti and Kabaddi, we cannot get enough of sports.  At Sintex, we sponsor all sorts of sports in and around societies we operate in. And it feels great when we see hundreds and thousands of people smile and shout and clap when they come together to watch those sports.


A healthy society is the foundation of a healthy, and wealthy, nation. To help the poor, underprivileged, we regularly run health camps in the rural areas.  Qualified doctors, nurses, and support staff attend these camps and help the locals, underprivileged with their health issues. Separate camps are arranged for children and women.